Whisper Jesus


Re-Christianisation of the UK  

The LORD said  "I desire the re-Christianisation of the UK"  in an early morning unprompted message  to one of our congregation whilst on tour in 

Beersheba, Israel , June 2016

Ask GOD for wisdom and boldness, be humble and Whisper the awesome, omnipotent name of JESUS over the whole of England, Scotland, Wales,  Northern Ireland,  and wherever you live in the wider world 

We look up... and see the  GLORY of GOD ...    only GOD        

The re-Christianisation of the UK 

 A UK based initiative that is relevant for your nation too

Perhaps the simplest but most profound initiative ever undertaken by the 33 million UK citizens who declare or identify as Christian ... 

This "Call of God" is for us all to whisper the name of JESUS over ourselves,each other and every situation, welcoming a new flow of HIS grace and mercy into the UK

This is a very bold initiative, accessible to all ages, using HIS name to challenge and reverse the irreligious cultural trends, influences and blasphemy among swathes of our fellow citizens who relentlessly and maliciously attempt tp discredit and insult HIS  wonderful name in  a futile effort to crush  HIM  into the very ground HE created.  

We set the course for 'The re-Christianisation of the UK" with JESUS at the centre 

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