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Update  21.01.2021   

But do not be afraid  -  "Whisper "JESUS" 

the most powerful "one word prayer" 

Whispering  "JESUS" reverently as a prayer draws together all that we know of  HIM...

...His Majesty, His Sovereignty, His virgin birth, His escape, His baptism, His temptation, His sinless life, His ministry, His miracles, His parables, His eternal words, His friendships, His love, His mercy His Kindness, His power, His promises, His betrayal, His trial, His crown, His cross, His death, His blood, His sacrifice, His Tomb, His resurrection, His joy, His ascension, His gifts, His patience, His mercy, His salvation, His forgiveness and more ...

...all squeezed into one small word, HIS name - JESUS

Ask GOD for wisdom and boldness, be humble and Whisper the awesome, omnipotent name of JESUS over the whole of England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, the USA  and the wider world 

We look up... and see the  GLORY of GOD ...    only GOD        


CORONA-virus is not king, it might be a 'virulent and deadly crown' that wants to be and pretends to be King of the World, but it is not the "KING of KINGS" -JESUS is 

This should drive us all to pray and "get right with GOD" now

Vaccines may stem the infection at the science level, but if we humble ourselves and whisper "JESUS" HE who created science will lead us into a new, COVID19 free season with no further ugly mutations. 

This virus is a deceptive, demonic, (likely man-made?) corruption of creation, attempting to dominate, overthrow and destroy the most treasured possession of our Almighty GOD - the human race........ and Yes, HE still loves  us very much, despite our failings. 

Many of us are already praying by whispering "JESUS" over the people in our nation that the 'crown of this virus' will be ripped off of the dead skull and crossbones and be replaced with LIFE and all things GODLY and good. But there is a price. JESUS has paid, but we all need to do our part and get right with GOD and pray "JESUS"

Isaiah 57 (bible) is a good read just now ...

beautiful song for this hour  "Just one touch from the King"  youtube link (click)   youtubz 

We also whisper  "JESUS" over all who are caught in the COVID19 web just now and for those grieving their loved ones and/or coping with the uncertainty of the infected and affected, and for in the caring professions at whatever level or rank they serve. 

100's have come onboard with this already,  we need 1000's, then 10'000's ... and millions. Please email us on  contact page  let us know which country and/or state you live in. We are already joined by people from countries across the world... see notes below 

 A UK based initiative that is relevant for your nation too

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Repent of all past sin, give yourself and whole life to JESUS and be 

Faithful to HIM in this present difficult situation and

Whisper JESUS and have HIS

Hope for a brighter future

it's called "Getting right with GOD"

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