Whisper Jesus


Update  02.12.2020     

Our role is to all whisper JESUS over the UK

London         Photo  October 2019 - Central London, UK 

Our joy will be to hear JESUS  whisper over the UK

Website launched late November 2020.

It's not a protest, petition, demonstration, march or pressure group, there is no 'signing up' procedure, just follow through the website and we will update it continually as we move forward. 

Expect blessing, think big, email with testimonies related to your whispers, please do not exaggerate,  - just the facts.. WE may not always be able to reply but they will all be read, some will be included in daily updates.  WE have seen its effect locally over the past year or so.

100's have come onboard with us already,  we need 1000's, then 10'000's ... and millions.

 The power is in HIS NAME not our words, explanations or volume