Whisper Jesus


Who we are?          

This is all about JESUS, Son of GOD, King of Kings, the Sovereign Lord of Lords, the Prince of Peace, the Saviour, the Redeemer,

It all started very simply with a handful of  believers in JESUS

 having the revelation of the Re-Christianisation of the UK

and the courage  to humbly Whisper JESUS everyone we know and love, strangers, rich, poor, famous and infamous, wherever we are, covert whispers - over every situation, no one needs to know we are doing it and no one can stop us doing it 

Insignificant, devoted servants of the perfect MASTER - JESUS. We serve the LORD JESUS and HIS local church family by doing whatever HE calls us to do, with a transparent lifestyle learned from HIS as pro-active, submissive citizens of the sovereign UK, with great joy and expectations for the future. 

Visit our church site....  riverlife.co.uk

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